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The Ryobi Power Inverter Review

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The Ryobi Power Inverter Review

The Ryobi Power Inverter Review: A Comprehensive Look

Welcome, dear readers, to our deep dive into the world of portable power stations, and today we will be focusing on the Ryobi Power Inverter. For those in the know, the name Ryobi conjures images of quality tools and gadgets, and their power inverter is no exception.

What is the Ryobi Power Inverter?

The Ryobi Power Inverter is a portable power source designed to convert DC power to AC power. The unit we reviewed was an 800-watt inverter, a robust and efficient choice for a myriad of applications.

Features and Benefits

Multiple Power Options

One of the standout features of this inverter is the array of power options it offers. Depending on your energy source, it can deliver:

  • 800 watts when using a car battery
  • 300 watts with Ryobi’s high-performance OnePlus batteries
  • 120 watts when powered through a car outlet

Appliance Compatibility

Thanks to its robust power output, this inverter can power or charge a wide range of appliances and devices. To name a few:

  • Blenders, TVs, and hot pots (using car battery)
  • Fans, LED lights, small appliances (with the 300-watt battery option)
  • Laptops, tablets, and phones (using the 120-watt car outlet)

Build Quality and Design

Right out of the box, the inverter impresses with its solid build quality. It’s not just about looks; this device is both functional and durable. It boasts easy knobs for wire insertion, eliminating the need for cumbersome nuts and wrenches. Furthermore, the inverter is equipped with three fans at the back, ensuring it remains cool even under heavy load.

Our Experience

In our test, the Ryobi Power Inverter performed admirably. We powered LED lights, laptops, and even charged a D-volt battery with ease. One notable mention is its performance during a power shortage where it efficiently powered most household appliances using a car battery. Moreover, the unit remained cool, ensuring longevity and safe operation.


For its price point, the Ryobi Power Inverter offers exceptional value. It’s versatile, well-built, and efficient. Whether you’re on a worksite or facing a power outage at home, this inverter won’t let you down. Ryobi has indeed hit the mark with this product!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the maximum power output of the Ryobi Power Inverter?
    It can deliver up to 800 watts when connected to a car battery.
  2. Can I charge my laptop with this inverter?
    Yes, you can charge laptops, tablets, and phones using the 120-watt car outlet.
  3. Is the inverter noisy when in use?
    From our experience, the inverter operates quietly. The fans activate mainly when nearing its maximum load.
  4. How is the build quality of the inverter?
    The inverter is solidly built and has a durable feel to it. It also features easy-to-use knobs for wire insertion.
  5. What appliances can I power with the 300-watt battery option?
    You can power fans, LED lights, and small appliances with the 300-watt battery option.